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Project Training Program for Collaborators

Being a premier institute, NCL has many projects with industries and some of these projects are jointly carried out with the client called as collaborative projects. The staff / trainee from the industry (party) seek's training as part of the joint agreement. This staff becomes a collaborator project trainee for a stipulated period as mentioned in the agreement / MOU.

The following is a simple procedure that the collaborator trainee needs to follow while undertaking the training with the Scientist / guide.

Procedure for inducting a collaborator trainee:

As part of a joint (collaborative) project an MOU is signed between both parties entering into an understanding to fulfil the requirement of research and development. In addition, certain terms and conditions of the project are observed. Manpower forms the most important component of the proposal, apart from the budget. If manpower training is required and mentioned in the MOU, then, the scientist has to induct the collaborator by using the following procedure:

Documents needed for collaborator trainee:

  1. Covering Letter for Collaborators: ask for a sample letter from the scientist / guide before joining the training program
  2. Covering Letter from NCL Scientist / Guide to support collaborator: kindly refer to the intranet site (HRM)
  3. MOU copy (or a document which mentions the duration of the project is needed)
  4. IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Form

Procedure for Scientist / guide -

  1. Open the jigyasa website using:
  2. Under outreach option, select → Training Programs → Collaborators
  3. Login
  4. Password
  5. Fill up the details and submit