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1 Are the technologies listed on the site developed by NCL? The technologies developed by NCL are only listed. More technologies will be added to due course.
2 Do Scientists research on them and how long does it take to build on? Scientists at NCL work 24 X 7 for as long as they achieve what they desired to do or for as long as they get suitable result. This may take as long as one year to five years or even more. So you can imagine one technology listed on the site is the work of not less than 365 days with a team of researchers.
3 How do you know what you should research on, how do you decide? We have different types of research going on at NCL since decades. The research moved from basic to applied and currently we are focussing on technologies for society though we have research processes which are transferrable to industry for large scale production. The ideas from research come from the scientists, project collaborations, students, well-wishers and mainly from industry.
4 As a student, how can I visit NCL and is it possible for me to work at NCL? We welcome students from schools and colleges to visit us with prior permission from school. Internships are available for students with MSc for their project work.
5 Can I talk to scientists? We have given a link to the scientists profile page and you may like to go through it. For any other query kindly use the box below.