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Student-Internship Program

Project Training
A limited number of BTech/BS-MS/MTech/MSc students shall be allowed access to the research facilities of CSIR- NCL under the supervision of one or more CSIR- NCL scientists for short term training / summer training in the field of chemistry / chemical engineering / life sciences / plant molecular biology / physics / materials/ organic and other allied areas of interest to CSIR-NCL.

Interested students are requested to visit the NCL website ( for more details on the current research activities of the laboratory. Students must possess a good academic record as well as interest and aptitude to pursue research.

Procedure for Short Term Training:
The following procedure is recommended for seeking short term training placement at CSIR-NCL:

  1. You are requested to send your request to a specific scientist / guide, by identifying division / group / or a scientist with whom you would like to carry out the training program. For this, kindly go through the website link: (, or the academic website ( Please write directly to the scientist at their specific email addresses (typically
  2. If you are interested in working with any scientist working in a particular research area, then kindly write to:
  3. Draft an email with the subject line having one of the key words given below from 1 to 4 for example: "Application for Short term Project Trainee in biochemical Sciences area" Depending on your area of choice, you may choose either of the following: 1) Biochemical Sciences / Plant Molecular Biology, 2) Physics / Physical Materials 3) Chemical Engineering 4) Polymer Science Engineering 4) Organic Chemistry / Catalysis
    (if the area is not written then your application will not reach the scientist)
  4. In either case, the email should contain your biodata, specify exact period when the training is sought, and seek his / her willingness to accept you as a trainee at CSIR- NCL. (see documents needed to join below).

Response from scientist / guide:

  • You should expect to get a response, regarding acceptance or otherwise from the scientist who is willing to accept you within a week.
  • If you don't get a response within a week, then, the scientist is most probably not in a position to offer you the position at that time.
  • In this case, you are requested to kindly apply to another institute.
  • Duration of the training will be for a minimum of two continuous months. Placement of students at CSIR- NCL for any period less than eight weeks will not be considered.
  • CSIR-NCL strictly follows the guidelines for the induction of the training.

Kindly note that, there are no fees or charges for such training / project work and it does not offer stipend or fellowship to short term trainees. Selected students will have to make their own arrangement for travel to and fro as well as for boarding and lodging during the duration of the project / training. Before joining and after selection, students can inform their guides if they need a campus accommodation (will be considered in sharing depending on the number of students) on a first come first basis. Note that there is no guarantee whatsoever of any accommodation or meal facility, and as stated previously students should be prepared to make their own arrangements for travel/boarding/lodging.

Preparing Documents immediately after acceptance to training:

  • Original Letter from students institute / university / college ‑ Kindly get softcopy of this format from the guide as soon as you receive acceptance to take up project training in CSIR-NCL laboratory, Pune.
  • IP (Intellectual Property) form ‑ Kindly get a softcopy of it from guide. The form requires a stamp and signature from the your institute.
  • For accommodation, kindly request guide for the procedure.

Documents needed at the time of registration in CSIR-NCL:

  1. Above two documents in original
  2. Covering letter from NCL guide

For registration, you are required to carry all original documents mentioned above along with a photocopy of i and v.