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Student-Internship Program

Limited number of students of recognized Indian Universities / Institutes will be allowed access to the research facilities of CSIR- NCL under the supervision of one or more of CSIR- NCL's scientists through summer training / project in the field of chemistry / chemical engineering / life sciences / plant molecular biology and other areas of interest to CSIR- NCL scientists.
Students who are interested to take up short term projects / training are requested to visit NCL website ( for more details on the current research activities of the laboratory. Students must possess a good academic record as well as interest and aptitude to pursue research.
The following procedure is recommended for seeking a training placement at CSIR- NCL:

  1. From the ncl website (or given link below), identify a division, group, or a scientist with whom you would like to work.
  2. Please send an e-mail to the concerned person, attaching your biodata and seeking her / his willingness to accept you at CSIR-NCL.

If you don't receive a response within a week, then the scientists does not have a vacancy. In that case, you may kindly send your request to another institute.
Please note that there are no fees or charges for taking up such training / project work. CSIR- NCL does not offer any stipend or fellowship to such short term trainees.
Students will have to make their own arrangement for travel to and fro as well as for boarding and lodging during the duration of the project / training.
Minimum period of internship training is for a duration of two continuous months. Placement of students at CSIR- NCL for any period less than eight weeks will not be considered.