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Student Guidelines

    Thank you for selecting CSIR-NCL for your internship program.

    The duration for internship is for a minimum period of two months. Less than two months internship is not permitted. For Inspire awardees and other awardees it is relaxed by a week or more depending on the award letter. Once you have applied to the scientist / guide for the internship and after you have received confirmation from them, then, you may go through the following document:

       At CSIR-NCL, we have a process in place where you will need to do the following:
  1. You may contact your guide and ask for a format of the college letter that you will need to submit to us
  2. This format will be a softcopy in word. You are requested to hand over the softcopy to your college administration and request them to print it on the letter head of your college. This will be document 1.
  3. Please request your guide to fill up the online registration form.
  4. Get a covering letter from your guide at NCL. This is also available online on the intranet site and accessible to guides. The guide can print it and hand it over to you. This will be document 2.
  5. You will then, need to take a photocopy of document 1 and document 2.
  6. Bring these photocopies along with the originals of both the document 1 and 2
  7. Kindly get endorsement from HRM
      HRM timings for internship students - MON and THURS - 4:00 to 5:00*
      If all above is followed the letter will be signed and stamped - One visit only

      *depending on the situation, the time can be relaxed

  8. Kindly request your guide to give you a print / softcopy of the IP (Intellectual Property Form). You will need to get college stamp on the second page. Kindly fill and submit the IP form and obtain a docket number from the IP cell (extension number is 2757) located in the PAM building (behind new cafeteria), Ist floor.
           If submitted before 3:00pm - Time for processing – Same day

  9. Submit the letter along with one photograph to the Section officer, C& P Section.
           Time for processing – Same day or within a week

  10. You can ask them when you should collect the OM (office memorandum). As per their confirmation, kindly collect it

  11. Carry one photograph and go to the NCL main gate and show the OM to our Security Officer and he will issue you the identity card.
          Time for processing – Two days